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Venice Art Glass Menorah

Art Glass Menorah

Created by Varda Avnisan
Reminiscent of Mediterranean tile mosaics, and inspired by the city of Venice, this Menorah is a tribute to the island's own glass artistry. The masterful use of transparent and iridescent glass gives the Menorah to both transmit and reflect light in tandem. Geometric shapes are married with an organic, cascading curve in striking shades of purple, coral, gold and orange in celebrations of the colors of the holiday season.

To create this piece, pre-fired glass sheets were cooled, cut, and assembled, then fired together and slumped on a custom form to make its wave-like shape. Brass candle holders are affixed to the bottom of the piece, Each unique menorah will vary slightly. Clean gently with warm, soapy water to preserve this piece for many Hanukkah celebrations to come.

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