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Berkshire Blue Flowers and Blueberries

Art Glass Paperweight

Created by Clinton Smith
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This large paperweight features a cluster of blueberries that are encircled within Berkshire Blue White Flowers, and sprigs of native wildflowers. This piece has a transparent background. Signature cane is embedded in the paperweight, and each piece is signed and dated. The flora and fauna are made by the process of lampworking, which involves the use of a torch to melt colored rods of glass so they may be worked into the shapes and designs desired. After the elements are made, they are assembled together in a composition to reflect the environment Smith wants to create. Next, glass crystal encases the assembled design in a kiln. The crystal mass, including the assembled design inside, are formed into a final spherical shape. The bottom is ground down to a polish, and the paperweight is signed. Each piece is unique; slight variations including color and placement of elements will occur from piece to piece.

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