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Creekside Moss Cairn Trio

Art Glass Sculpture

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This grouping is crafted to capture the beauty of sunlight trickling through the trees onto moss covered stones that have sat creekside for years as their furry carpet developed. Each glass stone and cairn is individually formed and fused together in flame. After shaping the glass is annealed, which is a slow cooling process that relieves stresses in the glass, they are ground to assure a stable bottom and finally etched to create the stone like satin finish. The beautiful translucent colors will show at their best with lots of ambient light or directional back lighting. To maintain their beauty they my be simply dusted or carefully rinsed in lukewarm water then thoroughly dried. This particular grouping may be arranged to your liking. Dimensions refer to the trio when displayed as shown.

Individual Dimensions:
Teal Stone: 5.5"h, 3.5"W, 3"D
Green Stone: 10"h, 6"W, 4"D
Cairn: 9"h, 5"W, 4"D