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MiniMe Solid Vase Form 31 by Sidney Hutter (Art Glass Sculpture) | Artful Home

MiniMe Solid Vase Form 31

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Sidney Hutter
This gorgeous glass sculpture is designed and crafted by world renowned glass artist, Sidney Hutter. With 40 years of experience in the Contemporary Glass and Fine Art world, Sidney has mastered the art of pigmented glass lamination.

The MiniMe Solid Vase form is hand crafted using 1/8 inch clear plate glass. Each circle is cut, ground and laminated to the next using a specially formulated pigmented, ultraviolet adhesive. The clear glass allows the color in the glue joints to interact with one another and form additional colors as they overlap. The sculpture may appear clear from one angle or the colors may mix when viewed from different angles. The vessel is solid and therefore holds no liquid. It holds, rather, a pool of color that blends and reacts to light from changing vantage points.

Create a beautiful art centerpiece in your home or workplace with this fine art sculpture. Purchase for yourself or give as a gift to mark a special occasion.

Clean with lukewarm soapy water or use glass cleaner with paper towels or a soft cloth.