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Mixed Murrini Resistenza

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by David Patchen
From Patchen's "Resistenza Series," this flattened vessel was created through the difficult murrini technique, which involves making highly-patterned glass tiles, carefully composing hundreds of them into a mosaic, fusing them together to construct a glass bubble, then blowing the final shape.

This style of Resistenza is composed with a variety of murrini and cane (patterned rods of glass) that Patchen has created over a number of weeks. Since Patchen is always creating different murrini patterns, each "Mixed Murrini Foglio" is unique. This piece is large and double-encased in clear glass for great depth, optics, and stability.

Each piece is unique; exact coloration and patterning will vary.

All of Patchen's pieces have flat satin-finished bases. While Museum Wax is recommended for added security, for ultimate stability, this piece may be purchased with a permanently bonded clear glass base. Optional base is .75"H, 5"SQ.

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