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Copper Blue Parabola

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by David Patchen
This elegant blown glass vessel from the artist's "Parabola Series" is created using the exacting "veiled cane" technique to achieve perfectly-spaced stripes. To make veiled cane, Patchen first encases a rod of white glass in molten clear glass, then coats it again in molten blue glass. After a final encasement of molten clear glass it is stretched 50-60 feet long, reducing its diameter to about the thickness of a pencil. After cooling, the this rod is cut into many 6" lengths, reheated and rolled onto a molten glass bubble on a blowpipe to begin the blowing process.

Crisp details and meticulous craftsmanship are hallmarks of Patchen's work--the result of his technical and creative mastery. This Parabola is patterned with copper blue stripes and has a dramatic yet elegant profile from the delicate tip to the thick and stable base. This sculptural vessel has great presence and is encased in clear glass for depth, optics, and stability.

All of Patchen's pieces have flat satin-finished bases and a flared foot. While Museum Wax is recommended for added security, for ultimate stability, this piece may be purchased with a permanently bonded clear glass base. Optional base is .75"H, 5"SQ.