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Vanilla White Wall Panels

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Mark Ditzler
Fused glass wall panels are an exciting alternative to framed wall art. The panels are dramatic. They are composed of colorful iridized glass, twisted glass cane, italian-style murrini and brilliantly colored dichroic glass. Texture, color and reflection work in harmony to create a durable glass "painting" for the wall. When creating the composition, glass components are arranged to the artist's satisfaction and the entire panel is fired to 1500 F, where it become one seamless piece. Once cooled, the panel has a reflective backing applied. It is then mounted to 3/4" plywood, ready for installation. Each panel is completely unique. These panels are composed of amber and ivory glass, with silver foil accents embedded in the surface. The silver reacts with the glass to create beautiful silver-blue accents for closer enjoyment. Sold in a pair, as shown.