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Blue Glacial Pools

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Helen Rudy
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Part of Helen Rudy's signature "Blast of Color" collection. The design is based on her interpretation pools of sunset reflections on water and ice pockets. The glass has a white background which enables the artist to use a mix of transparent and opaque layers of glass. This layering creates even more depth and saturation of color. The final touch is the use of shimmery dichroic glass accents that catch and refract light as the day time light changes.

The artist has cut off-set sizes and shapes of glass and layered upon each other to create the imagery of the pools. The design uses dichroic glass that shimmers on top or under the glass layers. By melting and fusing the glass together in a kiln, she creates a raised texture and little pools of clear within the colors and patterns.

The glass is adhered to a wood substrate which elevates the panels off the wall so they look as if they are floating. This makes it easy for adding hangers for either vertical or horizontal orientation. Each piece is unique; exact patterns, combinations, and colors will vary slightly. Signed by the artist.