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Butterfly Celebration Wall Sculpture

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Mark Ditzler
The uplifting beauty of butterflies inspired this series. At the top of each fused glass panel a prominent butterfly is poised to take flight. Above the panels, ten individual glass butterflies seem to "escape" upwards and fly away. This series is composed of four panels that will cover up to 10 feet of wall space. Panels are different widths for variety and artistic interest (two 40" x 16" and two 40" x 10"). The glass butterflies are larger than life-size (approx. 8" wide) and can be mounted as desired.

Each butterfly is fixed to an aluminum standoff of varying length and will cast colorful shadows. The dramatic panels are composed of iridized glass, signature glass cane, gold and silver leaf, and brilliant dichroic glass. Additional butterfly images are screen printed of vitreous enamel and permanently fired to the glass surface. Each panel is equipped with reflective backing and mounting hardware, ready to hang. It is recommended that butterflies be positioned on the wall above the reach of children.

Individual panels come with a set of three butterflies in the same color as the butterflies on the top of the panel. Butterflies with individual panels and on their own will come in varied heights (one with a 1" standoff, one with a 2" standoff, and one with a 3" standoff).

Each piece is unique and design elements will vary.