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Forest Green Wall Panel Set

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Mark Ditzler
Fused glass wall panels are an exciting new alternative to framed wall art. Texture, color and reflection work in harmony to create a durable glass "painting" for the wall. The panels are dramatic. Multiple shades of green evoke the colors of a shady forest. The panels are an abstract composition that is almost symmetrical, but with variation for visual interest. They are composed of colorful iridized glass, twisted glass cane, Italian-style murine and brilliantly colored dichroic glass. When creating a panel, glass elements are carefully arranged and then fired to 1500 F, fusing it into one seamless piece. The panel then has a reflective backing applied and is attached to 3/4" wood backing. Each is equipped with mounting hardware, ready to hang. Each panel is unique, elements may vary. Sold in a pair as shown.