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High and Low

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Michael Dupille
This unique wall piece is a sure conversation starter and focal point in any space. The title "High and Low" is a play on our universal relationship with lunar phases and their effect on tidal movements. Opposing nautilus elements anchor the moon imagery and support the concept. The work is created using several fused glass techniques developed by the artist. He applies crushed glass to a base piece of glass, places it in a kiln for firing to fuse the particles, and in the process develops a glass painting. The process is repeated until the final aesthetic is achieved. The result is a work with a depth, color, and vitality not found in other media.

This piece is beautiful on its own, but the artist takes it further by adding a glow-in-the-dark feature which is revealed when the lights go out. He has outlined the lunar phases with a special glowing glass.The piece is mounted on a sheet aluminum backing with an easy-to-use hanging system built in for simple hanging installation. Easily maintained and cleaned with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.