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Oval Spotted Salmon

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Michael Dupille
Inspired by the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, Oval Spotted Salmon comprises various kiln formed glass techniques developed by the artist who is considered a pioneer in the fused glass movement. Basically explained, a flat piece of glass is cut to create the profile of the fish. Using a glass paste, specific lines and areas are added to define many of the features. The 'ovals' are added using cut pieces of a specially coated glass called dichroic, which has reflective properties that change color under different lighting conditions. Overall coloration is done using various sizes of crushed glass to complete the design. Some of the glass is transparent and some opaque. The piece is then placed in a kiln for firing. The work is fired multiple times to achieve the aesthetic. In the final firing, transparent glass rod elements are added to create a tactile and optical effect that gives a unique surface texture to complete the piece. The glass may be cleaned with a non abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth. There is an attached aluminum backing material with a hanging mechanism and standoff pieces that give a drop shadow effect when hung. It is ready and easy to install. The hanger is also included. This piece will add a wonderful area of delight in any setting.

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