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Sacred Roamer

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Michael Dupille
Dupille created "Sacred Roamer" as an homage to the great North American icon-the buffalo. Native Americans revered all buffalo but the albino of the species were spared from the hunt and honored as Spirit beings. This one of a kind piece makes it as rare as the animal itself. There are many hours of love and labor to bring this glass representation to life. A drawing on a base glass sheet starts the process and the imagery is made up of crushed glass of varying sizes and colors. The real work is creating the hand made twisted cane pieces which are 18" lengths and cut to sizes fitting prescribed areas of the image. Lines of glass paste are applied to these pieces over subsequent firings to give the work added depth and a unique surface texture. With each firing the use of transparent and opaque crushed glass adds more richness and vitality. This is a statement work of strength and serenity. Sure to be a focal point of conversation. There is an aluminum backing sheet with a hanging mechanism attached. Easy to install and ready to hang. Easy to clean using a soft cloth with a non abrasive glass cleaner.

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