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Remember the Bees

Art Glass & Wood Wall Sculpture

Created by Aaron Laux
This artwork is a contemporary approach to mosaic made from glass and weathered pieces of wood the artist has salvaged, cut, and dried. Each piece of glass and wood has been hand fit and glued to a plywood substrate. Texture is provided by the natural surfaces of the trees that have been weathered and grayed by natural elements. Glass is chipped along the edges for further textural interest. Washes of acrylic color have been added to some areas of the mosaic.

This sculpture tells the story of the sun, wind, and frost. Flint-knapped "tears" or "lenses" refract light and reflect how humans are changing the environment we live in. The flowing stream motif connects us to our ancient past and the present and asks what our future will bring. It is an exploration of our relationship with the physical world and with the other living beings that live here with us and are affected by the ways we change natural systems. The story of our relationship with bees is complicated. We have become interdependent although the consequences of this relationship might not be a boon for the diversity of bee species. This piece is a reflection on how much we affect nature we are part of and how little we give thought to that effect.

Plywood French cleat on the back for hanging.

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