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Circle Prism

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Christopher Gryder
This ceramic wall sculpture is a breathtaking composition of earthy colors and abstract patterns. Nine individually hung tiles are created using the earth-forming technique, a casting method developed by the artist. He first carves a dissolvable mold from silt and fills it with liquid clay. Over a period of weeks, the mold dries and dissolves, allowing the clay within to be excavated. Glazed and fired with colored terra sigillata. Tiles are ready to hang; a full-size paper pattern is included for easy and accurate installation. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Outdoor Care:
This piece can be displayed outdoors year-round in all climates in temperatures between 0 and 130 F. For permanent display, the artist recommends using construction adhesives rather than traditional grouting due to the varied relief surface of the piece.

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