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A Complementary Pair

Color Photograph

Created by Melinda Moore
Sometimes you have more than one wall to decorate,or would just like a harmonious pair to balance your room.

Moore captured these beautiful egrets on the same day deep in the Florida wetlands. It was a rare moment when the elements conspired to create two beautiful bird portraits with glorious backlighting defining each plume and lush green leaves adding a painterly frame. Layered textures create the artist's signature look.

Egret Alert, on the left, is a portrait of a perky cattle egret—beautiful during breeding season with buff colored plumes and bright orange bill and legs. His animated expression and bright red eyes are specific to the time when he is hunting for a mate.

Egret Adorned, on the right, captures an elegant white egret during breeding season when all its glorious plumes were illuminated with glowing sunlight and framed by tropical ferns.

Available individually on Moore's artist page.

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