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Black Oaks and Granite

Color Photograph

Created by Charlotte Gibb
Black Oaks are one of the iconic features of Yosemite Valley. These trees and their acorns and provide food and habitat for a variety of animals, and are an important food source for the Native Americans who dwelt there for thousands of years.

This fine art print was created personally by the artist. Every creative decision was carefully considered, from conception, composition, and exposure, to processing and printing. It was made using a specialized large format printer with the highest quality archival inks and paper rated to last 250 years.

Handle your print carefully with clean, dry hands, or use white inspection gloves. Keep out of direct sunlight, and avoid extreme temperatures. Maintain a relative humidity between 35% and 55%. Protect against dust, dirt, and other pollutants. With proper care, your print will last generations.

Shipping materials are carefully chosen to keep your print safe in transit. When transporting your print to your local framer, keep the print in its original shipping package. Ships in a tube.

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