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Sea Turtle I

Color Photograph

Created by Matt Anderson
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The artist has masterfully captured this endangered green sea turtle making its way from the Pacific Ocean onto a remote Maui beach. Anderson has created an artistic composite with detailed layering of multiple images and delicate textures. The print has a surreal depth and texture to it.

This fine art print is masterfully prepared on an award-winning robust fine-art paper chosen for maximum impact and long-term archival quality. This fine-art paper is colorfast, having color that retains its original hue without fading or running for more than 100 years. The medium creates high-end photos with impeccable quality and excellent archival properties, making it the highest quality print in fine-art reproduction today.

This print is shipped safely in either a flat reinforced cardboard box or a durable high quality environmental friendly tube. We strongly recommend keeping the art in this original shipping package ready for transport to your local framer. We suggest minimal handling because of propensity for the art to be creased, finger printed, or damaged. Fractional dimensions have been rounded to the nearest inch. White border size may vary given print production processes.