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Caldera Earring

Enameled Earrings

Created by Lisa LeMair
These hand-formed enameled copper with additional texture from reflective glass beads (which appear pink when they sink through the enamel during firing, and reflect the color of the underlying copper), and tiny cubic zirconia which are melted into the enamel surface. Tube-set 2.5mm faceted white topaz emerges from the opening. Mounted in sterling silver with a satiny oxidized finish. Each earring in a pair is complementary but has its own character, and no two pairs are identical. Store wrapped in tissue or bag to avoid scratches, clean with mild soap and water as needed.

They are part of the Caldera Collection, which reflects the endless transformation of the world we live in. Dramatic and awe inspiring, this collection embodies the intense forces that shape and reshape land and sea, melding creation with destruction and creation again. These pieces explore volume, color, and texture.

All pieces offered in four colorways: Gold (variegated shades of gold, orange, red, and occasional greens); Garnet (variegated shades of garnet red with occasional watermelon tourmaline appearance); Glacier (white, green, glacier blue colors with flashes from reflective glass beads and cubic zirconia); Starlit (blue-black with hints of green, and sparkle from cubic zirconia).

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