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Rock Layers Pendant No. 425 by Carly Wright (Enameled Necklace) | Artful Home

Rock Layers Pendant No. 425

Enameled Necklace

Created by Carly Wright
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Champleve enamel and sterling silver pendant. This pendant is hand fabricated and then cast in sterling silver. The enamel is inlaid and fired several times in a kiln, building up multiple fine layers to achieve a rich coloration. After firing is complete, the enamel is ground off of the exposed silver surfaces. The sterling is oxidized, steel brushed and rubbed with pumice and the enamel is etched to a matte finish.The center section is comprised of 6 small open windows panes. This pendant comes with an 18" sterling silver snake chain.

Care: Low maintenance, clean with toothpaste and brush under running water.