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Earth Series No. 20 by Laurie dill-Kocher (Fiber Wall Hanging) | Artful Home

Earth Series No. 20

Fiber Wall Hanging

Created by Laurie dill-Kocher
This piece is created from a fine linen thread that is a vibrant beautiful wine red. The companion colors are subtle but strong red, peach, rose, and wine-colored embroidery floss. The handmade felt is stitched to the surface with complimentary colored embroidery floss topped with buttons.

This piece can be installed with just the installation hardware, framed, or hung with a wall painted rectangle behind it. Your installation will be only limited by your imagination. It is backed with cotton fabric and installed on archival hardboard. Installation hardware with instructions is included and it is signed on back.

To maintain this piece you should only need to give it a light dusting or vacuum. It can also be framed for high traffic or dirt areas. The wrapped areas are not removable but can be very slightly adjusted. They do have small coated wires in the core and should be treated as such. You will not be able to play with the wrappings.