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Light Passages, # 10 by Karen McCarthy (Fiber Wall Hanging) | Artful Home

Light Passages, # 10

Fiber Wall Hanging

Created by Karen McCarthy
Unique collage construction composed of artist's original hand printed papers and fabrics, exploring many subtleties of light, movement, and color. Various media and materials are implemented, including: paper, fabric, pigmented starch paste, paint, ink, colored pencil, and thread. After the collage is composed and glued, it is carefully stitched on a sewing machine. The work is then mounted onto primed and painted canvas. It is treated with protective layers of medium and varnish. The piece is ready to hang, with hanging wire along the back. (It can accommodate a frame, but framing is not necessary.) The canvas depth of 1.5 inches allows for a stronger presentation and a nice sense of 'presence' on the wall. The canvas is painted on edges and sides in a dark tone that enhances the colors of the piece. This dark tone makes for a fine 'outline' surrounding the collage when viewed from straight on, and the color continues (with the wrap-around canvas) when viewed from a side angle.