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Nature's Palette No.35

Fiber Wall Hanging

Created by Laurie dill-Kocher
One-of-a-kind machine quilted and appliquéd art quilt, which incorporates cotton fabrics with a cotton backing.

The Nature's Palette Series is based upon the artist's concept of Heaven and Earth. The series began after a trip to Yellowstone National Park. One is inundated by the raw energy of nature - the intensity of the sky (heaven) and earth.

The upper half, or "heaven area", is an engaging depiction that serves to enhance the intensity of the real image. These general abstract images represent the sensations of the atmosphere that the artist observed in and around Yellowstone. The bottom half, or "earth area", serves to show the organic nature of earth and intensifies tension between the two planes. The projections emitting from some of the pieces represent the active nature of soil and illustrate the continuity and structure of life.

Installation materials included. Signed on back.