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Plunkett Fold Vase - Foldformed Copper

Metal Vase

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The artists' foldformed copper vases present organic shapes with intricate detail in the natural colors of heated and verdigrised copper. The vases make a statement on their own or in groups, as well as supporting and providing a foil to your flower arrangements.

Foldforming is the act of folding, hammering, heating, and unfolding metal to create organic-looking shapes that arise from the natural properties of the metal under stress. The folds on these vases are known as Plunkett Folds - a tapered pleat in the metal whose crease is hammered thin until it bows outward in a gentle curve, and pulls the rest of the vase around it into flowing waves. The deep crevice thus created is then accented with a verdigris patina. The rest of the color on the vase is the natural effect of heat on copper during the process of forming the vase.

The sides of the vase are cut to shape for each individual piece (they are each unique due to the way the copper waves and deforms in the foldforming process), and brazed in place, then textured with flowed beads of bronze. Every vase is leveled carefully and tested for water-tightness.

The natural colors, wabi-sabi aesthetic, and unrepeatable form of each piece, make these vases a treasured part of any home.

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