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Metal Wall Sculpture

Created by Vinnie Sutherland
"Joybursting," created out of a pewter sheet, was manually rolled through an etching press several times, layered with petals, seeds, and wildflowers. Each pass through the press allows for the layering in of the background, comprised of petals, and additional textures. After being embossed, the pewter is rubbed with black paint and various inks and then preserved with a museum-grade wax. A brightly colored enameled copper "tile" plays a central role in the composition. The completed piece is mounted on a black wood frame, 1.5" in depth, and is ready to hang.

The natural materials used in this process do break down over time, and other comparable materials substituted. Your piece may vary in appearance from the piece pictured. Every effort will be given to creating a piece as similar to the piece shown as possible.

This piece requires little care—a light dusting with a soft, dry cloth, if needed.

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