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Wallpiece RCB 19.02

Metal Wall Sculpture

David and Reed Bowman's low relief wall pieces are bold yet minimalist one-of-a-kind abstract compositions in a range of traditional and modern sculptural patinas. In this one, designed by Reed Bowman, the large panel in delicately modeled brown patina - the same patina seen on classical bronze sculptures - appears to be cinched in by a belt of rustically patinaed 'bricks' in multiple shades of green and blue-green. The traditional brown patina is applied by brush while heating the metal with a torch, while the 'bricks' are individually patinaed either with washes of highly reactive cold patina, or by burying the piece in coarse sawdust permeated with another patina solution, or a combination of both. Some of the belt course bricks are copper rather than brass, to give different colors in combination with the same patinas.

Like most of the artists' pieces, this wall piece can be hung at any angle to different effect. These wall pieces have great visual mass, but are actually quite light in weight. They are composed of thin-walled hollow pans of brass individually fabricated and bolted together after the patination process is complete.

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