Artful Home

Kobenhaven ll

Mixed-Media Painting

Created by Maren Larson
The alternate title for Kobenhaven ll is Musical Dreams as the artist practically always listen to music while painting. This piece does not contain a musical score, but one can see writing about "finding the right music". The title comes from a cover of piano music printed in Copenhagen. The paper with the blue shapes is glued on upside down; you can see the writing is upside down. That never bothers Larson as she is looking at the textures and how the various parts meld together. Under the printing at the top is a piece of kitchen cotton toweling inherited from a Norwegian relative. For the artist it represents the kitchen and heart of the home. The colors are vibrant and bold and the paper sturdy. It is an original work created on archival handmade French paper. Several coats of varnish protect the art. The work is firm enough to stand on a shelf.

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