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Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

These cheery summer visitors cry "chee-chee-chee!" as they swoop back and forth from apple tree to pine tree to sunflowers. What brilliant flashes and bright songs they share. This friend is perched on an apple blossom branch, with a turn and a look to you.

A thin veneer of polymer in millefiori marquetry is pieced together to form the top surface of this wall sculpture, and the branch is strengthened with a 10 gauge nickel silver wire that is imbedded in the polymer branch. The body of the bird is backed with .25" maple plywood and then has a small wooden French cleat adhered to mount it on the wall. As a result, the bird and branch sit 1" off the wall creating a realistic sense of depth. Edges of the branch and bird are painted with acrylic paints.

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