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Spring Chickadee

Mixed-Media Wall Sculpture

Maine loves its chickadees and so do the artists. They are with us, cheerful on a bright winter's day and present in woods and fields all summer long. This little one sits on a pussy willow branch—another quiet sign of life in the transition of spring.

A thin veneer of polymer in millefiori marquetry is pieced together to form the top surface of this wall sculpture, and the branch is strengthened with a 10 gauge nickel silver wire that is imbedded in the polymer branch. The body of the bird is backed with .25" maple plywood and then has a small wooden collar which houses a very strong rare earth magnet. It mounts to the wall with a coordinating countersunk magnet. As a result the bird and branch sit about 1" off the wall creating a realistic sense of depth. Edges of the branch and bird are painted with acrylic paints.

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