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Polymer Sculpture

Created by Locknesters
Astronaut's polished surface gives him a distinctively smooth feel and allows his pieces to slide easily together. When taken apart, his five pieces are a bit abstract, but they make sense quickly as he is assembled.

Locknesters are a new kind of design object. They are the result of the artist’s fascination with unconventional geometries and his desire to make art that encourages interaction. Perfect as gifts, Locknesters can be thought of as three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles. Each sculpture can be taken apart and assembled—use it as a challenge to friends, a distraction from work, or a way to liven up your space.

Locknesters are made in the artist's Brooklyn headquarters using a blend of old and new techniques. Each object is digitally designed, 3-D printed, and then smoothed using a series of methods including sanding, tumbling, and buffing. During the smoothing process, every piece obtains distinct coloration, making each one unique. A water-based topcoat seals and protects the piece.

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