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Coral Garden

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Created by Andrea Pro
This woodcut print was inspired by the sculptural beauty of Hawaii's coral reefs, the central living structure of the Hawaiian marine ecosystem. The amazing diversity of life that we see on the reef interacts with the coral in complex symbiotic relationships.

This print includes Pro's favorite corals on Hawaii's reefs. These corals are not always found together, but she's taken artistic license to evoke the beauty of coral gardens. The rocky shore, a boundary between the land and reef supporting a lot of life, is shown at the top of the print.

The idea for this image came from the bleaching event that devastated Kona's reefs in 2015. It happened so fast. One summer day, the artist saw beautiful amethyst-colored corals while snorkeling. She quickly realized something was different, and upon closer look, she saw that the surface polyps were gone and the coral was dead. The next time she visited, the stony shapes were white and, shortly after that, the algae moved in. In many areas, the corals are growing again, but it will take many years for the reefs to recover their former diversity and beauty.

This is a reduction woodcut print on Rives French archival paper. It has beautiful deckle edges and is suited to float-mount framing. Ships in a tube.

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