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Dwell Series No.8

Wood Cabinet

Created by Ted Lott
From the artist's "Dwell Series," where he explores the possibilities of building new furniture in, on and around existing found items. "Dwell No.8" is built upon an original midcentury modern chair, whose curving lines are directly reflected in the subtle sweep of the cabinets' sides and doors.

The cabinet itself is an oak frame assembled with mortise and tenon joinery. The frame is ebonized to a dark black, while the sides of the cabinets, milled from a single plank of sugar pine, bend slightly outwards.

Hand mortised solid brass hardware connects the door and cabinet frames, and brass ball catches hold the doors securely closed. The interior cabinet shelves are made of solid cedar, and each level of the cabinet is lit by a single candelabra bulb. The underside of the cabinets top is a colorful splash of vintage linoleum, laminated onto a sturdy wood backing.

The toggle switch, which activates the lights, is hidden discretely underneath the cabinets bottom, where there is also a location to secure hide the cloth wrapped cord, if the cabinet is being transported or used without the lighting.

Steel rods, wrapped in brass jackets secure the cabinet to the chair, and seem to cause it to float lightly above the chairs original rattan woven seat, which has been left intact as a testament to the chairs original character, history and usefulness.

Multiple coats of hand-rubbed oil finish the cabinet.

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