Artful Home

Maudlin Bookcase

Wood Shelf

Created by Vincent Leman
An effusive and vibrant piece, "Maudlin" is an accent display case with feeling and spirit. It will create an exclamation point that artfully completes your space. Maudlin is the artist's 2020 interpretation of the classic "Bookcase No.5."

Created a phase of '"release" for the artist. For a long time he was in a state of "refinement" - where he sought to polish, smooth, and clean his designs. He designed "Bookcase No.5 in 2005" when his focus was refining and balancing proportions and shape. Now, in 2020, he feels free to "release" the spirit and design intent of pieces, trying to capture as much of the feeling and movement of each design concept. Does Maudlin replace "Bookcase No.5?" Absolutely not. Each reflects the same design concept in unique ways.

Maudlin is made to order. That means when you order your bookcase, the artist and his assistants will precision CNC cut your piece's parts. The painters will carefully color your piece. The edges are hand distressed to bring out the lines of the piece, a striking graphic detail. Lastly, the piece is protected with a clear coat for long lasting color and beauty.

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