About Us: Our Commitment to Quality

At Artful Home, we are committed to offering you extraordinary works of fine art, craft, and design by today's most remarkable artists. To ensure a collection of exceptional quality, we evaluate potential artists through a rigorous jurying process. Acceptance is no easy feat; only a fraction of the artists who apply are accepted into our collection.

The Jurying Process

Jurying is a common practice in the art world, a selection process used by galleries, fairs, and shows to identify artists with the strongest work. Jurying is not as common online—making it one of the things that sets Artful Home apart.

Any and all North American artists are welcome to apply to Artful Home by submitting their resume or CV along with photos and descriptions of their work. Additionally, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent, traveling to shows, galleries, and studios across the country to discover new artists. Our Artistic Advisory Panel, comprised of members of our merchandising team, evaluates each artist individually, accepting only those who meet or exceed our high standards.

How We Evaluate Artists

When we jury an artist's work, we evaluate it based on the following qualities:

Creativity. Whatever the medium, whatever the subject, the most compelling works of art are distinguished by inventiveness and imagination. This quality—creativity—makes the art feel fresh and original.

Craftsmanship. Craftsmanship encompasses all the techniques artists use to bring their ideas to life—and how well they do it. Excellent craftsmanship requires great knowledge and skill, which can only come from experience and practice.

Beauty. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, yet there are guidelines that help define this seemingly ineffable quality. Called the principles of art, concepts such as balance, emphasis, and rhythm allow us to assess the aesthetic qualities of artwork.

Integrity. When artists remain true to their muse and their own artistic vision, their work maintains an internal consistency that shines through in every piece they create. Artful Home seeks out artists whose bodies of work convey this kind of integrity.

Creativity. Craftsmanship. Beauty. Integrity. When all four of these qualities are present in an artist's body of work, we know we have found an artist with incredible vision and skill, and we are thrilled to include their work in our collection.

Art Availability

Most of the items we offer are individually created by North American artists, while others are created in small batches. Therefore, the available number of each item will vary greatly. To help you shop, we always note which pieces are one of a kind or have limited availability.

Here is how we categorize the availability of the works we offer:

One of a kind means the piece is the only one created. It is a unique work of art.

Limited edition refers to artworks made in a predetermined limited number. The artist will make exactly this number: no more, no less. Each item will be numbered to indicate its place in the edition as well as the overall edition size (e.g. "6/12" means it is the 6th piece in a 12-piece edition).

Limited quantity refers to artworks made in a limited number, but without a designated edition size. These pieces are not numbered.

Production means the piece is one that the artist is willing to create over and over. Each iteration may vary slightly in size and color, as each is created individually. These pieces are not numbered.