About Us: Our Commitment to Quality

Our Standards

At Artful Home, we are committed to offering you the finest artwork by today's most talented artists. When selecting artists, we look for the following qualities:

Creativity. Whatever the medium, whatever the subject, true works of art are distinguished by inventiveness and imagination. This quality—creativity—makes the art feel fresh and new. It's one of the gifts that an artist passes on: the gift of original thought.

Craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is what binds thought to material. The work of a skilled and careful craftsman is an enduring pleasure, whatever the medium.

Beauty. We think life should be sweet: good friends, good health, and a home full of beautiful things. The art we offer is meant to lift your spirits.

Integrity. Great artists must be true to their muse, to their own artistic vision. As a result, great art has an internal consistency that lesser works lack. Artful Home seeks out artists whose bodies of work convey consistency and artistic integrity.

Creativity. Craftsmanship. Beauty. Integrity. These are the qualities we look for when selecting work for our publications and website. Our Artistic Advisory Panel, led by Michael Monroe, evaluates each artist individually to ensure a collection of exceptional quality.

Artwork Selection Process

  1. Finding Artists. Our merchandising team is constantly on the lookout for fresh talent and exquisite works of art. In our search for the finest artists, we travel across the country, visiting galleries, shows, and artists’ studios. We scour the latest art publications. Whenever we find an artist whose work might be right for our collection, we provide him or her with our application.
  2. The Artist Application. Artists are required to submit a resume, images, and descriptions of all their work. We collect these applications monthly and then present all of these materials to our Artistic Advisory Panel.
  3. Jurying. Michael Monroe, former curator-in-charge of the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, is our artistic advisory director. He and our advisory panel review each application package and every artist to see that they meet or exceed our standards.
  4. Acceptance Process. Acceptance is no easy feat; only a fraction of the artists who apply are accepted into our collection. For those who are accepted, we proudly present their work to a national audience. Once an artist has been juried on, our artwork specialists and editorial writers build each artist page, adding names to our rich roster of talented artists.

Art Availability

All of the items on our website are made by artists and shipped directly from their studios. Most items are regularly available in response to orders, though the time to complete an item (noted in the "Ships Within" field on every art item page) will vary with demand and the artist’s schedule.

Some of the works we offer are more limited in availability and labeled in special ways:

One of a kind means the artwork you are viewing is the only one created. It is a unique work of art.

Limited edition applies to art objects produced in a predetermined limited number. Each item in the edition is identical and is an original work of art, signed and numbered by the artist.

Production means the piece is one that the artist is willing to create over and over. Each piece may vary slightly in size and color, as each is created as an individual work of art by the artist.

Artistic Advisory Panel

Our artistic advisory panel is comprised of members of the Artful Home merchandising department and is always led by Michael Monroe. Currently Director Emeritus for the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington, Monroe directed the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery for 21 years. The Renwick is the nation's most prestigious venue for 20th-century American craft. Working with former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Monroe curated the White House Collection of American Craft and wrote the book for the national tour. He went on to become president of New York City's Peter Joseph Gallery and then served as executive director of the American Craft Council. Throughout his illustrious career, Monroe has been instrumental in establishing the standard of excellence for fine craft.