Ingela Noren and Daniel Grant


"We both feel this is the most creative thing we have done in our lives."

Ingela Noren and Daniel Grant are the inheritors of a Scandinavian tradition. The early craftsmen who developed their method of "faux finishing" reproduced exotic stones and wood on furniture and building interiors. Over the centuries, perfect imitation became less important. Craft merged with art, and was revealed through the artist's emotion and hand.

All artworks by Noren and Grant are hand painted on wood. As taught by an old master in Stockholm, they first apply an underlayer of sealing stain or paint. They then mix pigment with a milk-based emulsion and apply that glaze with anything that suggests itself. Brushes, combs, and sponges. Fists and fingers. At the end a final varnish is applied to protect the work and impart a commanding sheen.

Art Deco Demilune
Painted Wood Console Table

by Ingela Noren and Daniel Grant
$ 1,450