Mark Levin

"Wood is my blood. Pencil and paper are my democracy. I see by touch, build by gut, and finesse with heart and a shot of fine whiskey. "

Mark Levin finds solace and influence in nature's small wonders: leaves, flowers, pebbles, nuts, seashells, fruit, and the occasional vegetable. From texture to color to scale, everything meshes effortlessly, with perfection and aesthetic precision. Levin seeks to reinterpret these things as extraordinary works of art.

Levin works only with solid wood, which he feels lends itself best to the sculptural process. His technique is threefold: first, he roughs out the piece using chain saws, air chisels, and automobile disk grinders. Then, he begins the more delicate detail work using hand tools such as rifflers and files. This hand work is done slowly and topped with hours of hand sanding.The final step is the finish which gives the work it's radiance.