Dorothy Fagan

"The essence of my paintings is about the relationship between earth and sky, earth representing me and sky representing The Creator. Playing with the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, becomes a game. The game is a challenge of wavelengths, color and light. With each brush stroke, it is as if The Creator is saying to me, 'How about this? How does this feel?' "

Dorothy Fagan is inspired by the raw landscape. She has painted on protected land for thirty years, both en plein air and from memory. Beyond vision, painting is a function of all the senses. So when painting on location, she allows herself to become part of the landscape, kicking off her shoes and melting into the sand. As the light changes, she mixes colors to match. In the process, her own wavelengths come into harmony with the earth; she feels rested, rejuvenated, and restored. Working in the studio, the same thread of creative energy comes through her heart with similar effect.

The artist often describes the exercise of painting as flexing her "faith" muscle. She receives each stroke of inspiration from The Source as a gift, with the challenge of accepting as given. With each flex, she experiences humility, honor, and passion. The active principle in her work is that we as humans belong to the earth. We are part of it; it does not belong to us. All of the paintings in this collection were inspired by lands that are protected. A portion of these works goes to help steward the earth.

Fagan earned her B.F.A. in printmaking and painting from East Carolina University. She completed a ten-year painting mentorship in American impressionist painting with Robert B. Mayo, Valentine Museum and Gallery Mayo. Her work has been featured on PBS and is represented in more than 200 public and private collections.

On a Summer Day
Oil Painting

$ 5,596
New Dawn
Oil Painting

$ 3,800
Dreaming of You
Oil Painting

$ 5,600
Iris Bliss
Oil Painting

$ 4,500
Mist Lifting
Pastel Painting

$ 1,400
October Respite
Pastel Painting

$ 1,200
Long Shadow
Pastel Painting

$ 1,400
Thin Space
Pastel Painting

$ 1,400
Pastel Painting

$ 1,800
Beating Heart
Pastel Painting

$ 1,400
Oil Painting

$ 2,500
The Flock
Oil Painting

$ 4,550
Fertile Dream IV
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 2,800
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Pastel Society of America Nat'l Juried Exh., New York City, National Arts Club, 1980
Pastel Society of Canada Int. Juried Exh., Ottowa, Canada, Cambrian Rose Gallery, 1981
Medal of Honor/Pastel, Academic Artists Assn., Springfield, MA, GVW Smith Art Museum, 1982
Best in Show, Virginia Beach, Virginia Museum Contemporary Art, 1979
Prints & Drawings '81, Richmond, VA, Virginia Museum Fine Art, 1981
Musee de La Grande Vigne, Permanent Collection, Dinan, France, 2013
Boston Children's Hospital, Permanent Collection, Boston, MA, 2011
Longwood Art Museum, Permanent Collection, Farmville, Virginia, 1995
U Mass Memorial Hospital, Permanent Collection, Boston, MA, 2011
City University of New York, Permanent Collection, New York, NY, 1979