Sarah Hood

"I'm drawn to archetypes, those images floating beneath our collective consciousness—a perfect circle, a smooth and elongated leaf, a bud. I hope to showcase the ordinary in extraordinary ways."

Sarah Hood has been making art in some form or other for most of her life, but she found her true passion in metal. Metal engaged her from the moment she picked up a torch, and the constant exchange between its tough resistance and surprising malleability ensures she keeps coming back for more.

Hood has come to see jewelry making as a way to explore her somewhat disparate interests in a very direct and inclusive way. Her enthusiasm for gardening, botany, literature, children's toys, Eastern philosophy, and travel all find their way into her designs. Often these subjects inspire tangents in her work that she finds compelling, and she finds the small scale of jewelry perfect for exploring a concept to the point of exhaustion. Collecting, organizing, studying, venerating, and obsessing are all part of her process. Sometimes, Hood says, the resulting pieces tell her more about what she values than she realized.


Money Tree Earrings
Silver Earrings

$ 140
"Tree Pendant on Chain"
Silver & Gold Pendant

$ 380
Large Tree Brooch
Silver & Gold Brooch

$ 450