Sharron Parker

"This piece might be the only one like it in the world---as I work, I am sometimes struck (and a little scared) by this thought, since fiber artists are still discovering the potential of this ancient technique."

When Sharron Parker first saw 2,500-year-old felts from Siberian tombs, she was drawn to the technique of felting. The simplicity of working combed wool in hot water until the fibers lock allows her to work spontaneously, and often experimentally.
As she creates a piece of felt, Parker might have an image in mind: a rock, a fossil, or a moth wing. Or she might just want to play with color, or capture the effect of light on an iridescent shard of pottery. But then, as she joins felts together, cuts into the surface, and stitches with more yarns, the piece evolves into something all of its own and never before seen.