Catherine Iskiw

"The best designs are often the simplest. If I can achieve elegance in a very clean design, then I know that I have created something special."

Catherine Iskiw creates jewelry inspired by clarity of design and simplicity of pure geometric form. She combines utility, materials, and process in each design. Various matte finishes contribute to the industrial quality of the jewelry. Using materials that range from platinum and diamonds to silver and semi-precious stones, Iskiw focuses on the combination of form and functionality.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Iskiw graduated from the University of Manitoba before relocating to New York. During a ten-year career doing corporate interiors in Manhattan, Iskiw began taking classes at Parson School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The artist officially launched her jewelry business in 1996 in the New Designer Gallery at the JA Show in New York.

Simplicity Stud Chain Earrings
Diamond & Platinum Earrings

$ 2,145
Series 39/8 Flower Pendant
Gold & Stone Necklace

$ 1,825 - $ 2,390
Parallel Ring Set
Gold & Stone Rings

$ 8,280 - $ 12,580
Platinum Duality Pendant
Platinum & Stone Pendant

$ 1,390 - $ 2,575
Offset Stud Earrings
Gold, Platinum & Stone Earrings

$ 490 - $ 1,445
Simplicity Stud Earrings
Gold, Platinum & Stone Earrings

$ 945
Rivet Jewelry
Platinum, Gold & Stone Pendant & Earrings

$ 1,975 - $ 4,050
Simplicity Series 3 Stone Pendant
Gold, Platinum & Stone Necklace

$ 2,295
Simplicity Studs in Platinum
Platinum & Stone Earrings

$ 795 - $ 2,990
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Diamonds Today 1996 (De Beers), New York, New York, NY USA, 1996
Diamonds Today 1999 (De Beers), New York, New York, NY USA, 1999