Ritch Gaiti

"My goal is to put the viewer, not only in another time and place, but also in the subject's heart."

Ritch Gaiti's paintings are about change, evolution, and extinction--something emerges, something disappears. Painting in oils, often enhanced with mixed media including sand, Gaiti captures the sentiment of another time. He favors different degrees of impasto, and feels that the texture suggests the relief found on cave walls. For the artist, each painting is an evolution. Gaiti starts with a clear direction and, as with any journey, shifts as the painting itself dictates. Often the painting is far from what the artist originally envisioned. This increases his sense of adventure and mystique, making each painting a unique journey. Gallery & Studio magazine recently wrote " other contemporary artist captures the human/equine bond more sympathetically than Gaiti...."


Ritch Gaiti is self taught and ventured into painting after years in the corporate world. He has studied with Micheal Madigan, and developed his own style and sense of expression. He has been painting for over twenty years and only recently began to exhibit publicly. Prior to painting, Gaiti was an executive on Wall Street.

Ghost Pony Rising
Oil Painting

$ 3,900
Giclee Print

$ 540