Debra Adelson

"I pride myself on a line of jewelry that features a mixture of innovative design and a fashion-forward use of color. My goal is for each piece to have a synthesis of balance and composition, form and color. "

Using classical jewelers' techniques, Debra constructs her pieces from a combination of hand fabricated sterling, hand carved acrylic, and natural gemstones whose settings functionally hold the pieces together.

Debra earned her degree in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Tyler School of Art, where she was encouraged to experiment with materials other than those commonly used by other jewelers. She was immediately drawn to working with acrylic because of its versatility: it is light, durable, and capable of being shaped and formed. It also gives Debra the ability to use vivid colors that she can control. Each piece of acrylic starts as a block or sheet, and is cut, carved, sanded, and dyed.

Debra recently authored the book The Art of Jewelry-- Plastic and Resin, published by Lark Books.