LeslieAnn Butler

"Constrained by the physical, we are trapped by walls of dreams and delusion, and unable to see reality, which is unending joy. We choose to be defined by our seeming limitations instead of emerging into the realization that we are powerful beings with infinite consciousness. I strive to bring to light the reality that lives deep within, beyond what one can see with outer sight."

With bold color and a suggestion of motion, the work of LeslieAnn Butler asks the viewer to seek the light. The creative process does not end with the physicality of the painting, but is continued and enhanced through the eyes of each beholder into the creation of thoughts and emotions it brings out in them; this magic dance of connection is proof that we are not separate.

Butler works with acrylic paint, paper, charcoal, and pastels. In many paintings she has added a paint-obscured slide, which symbolizes the veil that covers our true vision. She paints squares and rectangles as windows that open to the light or boxes that shut it out.

Her education includes a B.A. from the University of Oregon. Butler also studied at the Art Institute of California in San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland.

Acrylic Painting

by LeslieAnn Butler
$ 900
Mixed-Media Painting

by LeslieAnn Butler
$ 600
Mixed-Media Painting

by LeslieAnn Butler
$ 250
Don't Panic
Mixed-Media Painting

by LeslieAnn Butler
$ 850
No Motive
Mixed-Media Painting

by LeslieAnn Butler
$ 500
Just Dancing
Mixed-Media Painting

by LeslieAnn Butler
$ 1,900
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Portland Art Museum 50th Anniversary, Portland, OR USA, Portland Art Museum, 2009
National Juried Exhibition, New York , NY USA, The Pen and Brush, 2008
Festival of the Arts, Lake Oswego, OR USA, Lakewood Center, 2008
Oregon Health and Sciences University, OHSU Women's Health Center, Portland, OR USA, ongoing
White Bird Dance, Portland, OR, Portland OR USA, ongoing
American International Forest Products, Portland OR, Portland, OR USA, ongoing