Amy Goldstein-Rice

"I see clay as inventive. It's a rich medium that offers a generous and tireless play of possibilities. Clay allows expression of the whimsical and the symbolic, sometimes simultaneously."

Amy Goldstein-Rice is drawn to the idea of animal as messenger, interweaving her ideals about her life with classical folk tales and animal imagery of the Native Americans. The animals become talismans that represent or tell a story of some little obsession, vivid dream, or concerns of the world--with a grain of satire. This has been a starting point.

Each clay piece is fired to cone 04 and is made by a technique of altering wheel-thrown shapes. Additions of hand-built shapes are attached to form legs, the tail, and other details of the animal form. Sculpting of the features is done almost entirely by hand, using modest tools. Surface decoration is achieved when textural marks are infused with layers of engobe, slip, and commercial underglaze.

Goldstein-Rice received her B.A. in studio art from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and studied ceramics at notable arts and crafts schools. After graduation, she joined the staff at the Spartanburg Arts Council as their artist-in-residence. During her years there she conducted adult pottery classes, promoted the visual arts through the visiting arts program in the public schools, and established a pottery studio.

Rabbit Candleholder
Ceramic Candleholder

$ 164
Goat Candleholder
Ceramic Candleholder

$ 164
Blue Half Pint
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 300
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 182
The Prize Inside
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 2,550
Robin Candlestick
Ceramic Candleholder

$ 180
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
2017 NICHE Awards Sculpture Finalist , NICHE Magazine , Best in American Made, Washington, DC, 2017
9th Annual Invitational Teapot Exhibition,, Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, , Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 2015
2009 Best of 2009, , Ohio Crafts Museum, Columbus, Ohio, 2009
Judges Choice Award,, Images Festival of the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL , 2009
Award of Excellence in Clay, Charlotte Fine Arts Show, Charlotte, NC, 2009
Invitational Group Show, Little Things Mean a Lot , Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, GA , 2017
Kamm Teapot Foundation, Kamm Teapot Foundation, Wilkensboro, NC, 2015
Permanent Collection, Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy, Sarasota FL, 2014, 2010