Terrece Beesley

"My brother says that I paint because I throw like a girl and I had no future in the major leagues. But I think I paint because there is still a small child inside me saying, 'Look what I can do.'"

Terrece Beesley is fascinated by scenes we are familiar with and most often ignore, the icons of our daily life. The objects in her paintings speak volumes about our culture. The still life paintings are messy tabletops where fruit, flowers, and crystal coexist with comic strips, postcards, and popsicles. Terrece uses watercolors to show the ordinary and extraordinary things in life in a new light.

Beesley's paintings reveal very few flat washes. She prefers to mix colors on the paper and use spontaneous brushstrokes to give her paintings rhythm and energy, often using the entire side of her brush to push color across the paper. These brushstrokes add a loose quality to what would otherwise be extremely realistic paintings.

Beesley earned a B.F.A. in painting and textile design from Utah State University. A successful career followed in product design, publishing, and computer animation. Since 2000 she has concentrated on watercolor paintings while working with the Utah Arts Council's Artist in Residence program, and giving watercolor seminars to high school and elementary students at Weber State University.

Daylilies Dancing
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,000
Summer Celebration
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,500
Piano Man
Watercolor Painting

$ 3,500
River Dancer
Watercolor Painting

$ 800
Flights of Fancy
Watercolor Painting

$ 2,000
Watercolor Painting

$ 900
Sunshine from My Garden
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,800
African Crowned Crane
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,700
Watercolor Painting

$ 2,950
Strolling After Hours
Watercolor Painting

$ 2,400
Flower Power
Watercolor Painting

$ 2,250
The Gathering Place
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,900
Locally Grown
Watercolor Painting

$ 3,400
Rough Water
Watercolor Painting

$ 2,950
Winter Perk
Watercolor Painting

$ 2,600
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Truth And Consequences Group Show, Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, 2018
Solo Exhibition, Gallery at Union Station, Ogden, UT, 2011
Fat Phobia Group Show, Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, 2016
Spring Exhibition Best of Show, Utah Watercolor Society, Salt Lake City, UT, 2012
Go Figure, Eccles Community Art Center, Ogden, UT, 2019
'Strong Women' Group Show, Art Access Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT, 2014
Utah Watercolor Signature Show Jurors Award, Sego Gallery, Salt Lake City, 2019
Annual Juried Exhibiton, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies , Dallas Texas, 2013
85th Annual Spring Salon Award of Merit, Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah, 2010
35th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Show, Cultural Celebration Center, Salt Lake City, UT, 2010