Cynthia Ashby

"I design for the woman who does not subscribe to fashion trends. This woman is on a perpetual treasure hunt, collecting pieces to mix and layer, creating different combinations and infinite choices for her wardrobe."

The poetry of color is a key part of what makes Cynthia Ashby garments unique. The clothing is garment dyed, which creates a quality of uncommon depth and texture. As the colors fade they achieve character with wear, like a patina on a bronze sculpture. Seasonal color palettes may be combined in past and future collections, creating infinite wardrobe possibilities.

The garments are made from linen, cotton, silk and wool in assorted textures and weights. The raw look of the fabric is animated with fine detailing in design and construction.

Garments should be hand washed or machine washed on a short/gentle cycle in cold water. Use a mild detergent (preferably dye free). Either dry flat or machine dry on low heat. Heat will fade the color faster.

Sona Top
Knit Top

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 198
$ 138.60
Lysa Tunic
Knit Tunic

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 248
$ 148.80
Transit Jacket by Cynthia Ashby  (Knit Jacket)
Transit Jacket
Knit Jacket

by Cynthia Ashby
Sold Out
Athena Dress
Knit Dress

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 308
$ 184.80
Eden Vest by Cynthia Ashby  (Denim Vest)
Eden Vest
Denim Vest

by Cynthia Ashby
Sold Out
Liberty Dress
Woven Dress

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 298
$ 178.80
Joy Dress
Linen Dress

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 238
$ 166.60
Eclipse Vest
Linen Vest

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 288
$ 201.60
Astor Shirt
Linen Shirt

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 398
$ 238.80
Calder Vest
Linen Vest

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 298
$ 208.60
Beau Shirt
Woven Shirt

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 188
$ 112.80
Tencel Duster
Woven Jacket

by Cynthia Ashby
$ 240
$ 144