Natalie Frigo

"I create unique, heirloom jewelry that celebrates the extraordinary beauty in everyone."

Natalie Frigo's inspiration ranges from early metallurgy and textile design to modern architecture, resulting in a collection that is contemporary and timeless. Frigo is moved by the evidence of the craftsperson's hand in ancient jewelry and objects, and she incorporates that aesthetic into her own work.

Frigo approaches all of her pieces as little sculptures, carving each design by hand in wax. Using the lost wax method, her work is then cast in 100 percent recycled metals and married with personally selected, conflict-free gemstones. The artist is passionate about promoting ethical jewelry design on a local and global scale. All of her jewelry is made entirely in New York City.

Natalie Frigo received her MFA in fiber and material studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was awarded a graduation merit fellowship. She has also studied wax carving and metalworking, but is primarily self taught in the discipline of jewelry design.

Lucite and Prehnite Necklace
Bronze, Glass & Lucite Necklace

$ 180
Large Claw and Vintage Lucite Necklace
Bronze, Acrylic & Stone Necklace

$ 195
Triple Charms and Vintage Glass Necklace
Silver, Bronze & Glass Necklace

$ 115
Tiny Cat Cuff
Brass Bracelet

$ 80
Claw and Chrysocolla
Brass & Stone Necklace

$ 215
Cat and Sapphires Necklace
Brass & Stone Necklace

$ 160
Brass Necklace

$ 85
Triangles and Daggers
Silver & Brass Earrings

$ 140
Ocean Rock Hoops
Silver & Brass Earrings

$ 340
Birds and Clear Lucite
Brass & Lucite Earrings

$ 70
Playing Cat Cuff in Brass
Brass & Stone Bracelet

$ 295
Pearls and Small Dagger
Pearl & Brass Necklace

$ 340
Oblong Oval
Brass & Stone Necklace

$ 145
Claw and Pearls
Pearl & Brass Bracelet

$ 150
Dangling Hexagons
Brass & Stone Earrings

$ 137
Varascite Studs
Brass & Stone Earrings

$ 85
Triangle Cuff
Brass Bracelet

$ 340
Playing Cat Cuff
Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 675
Playing Cat Ring
Silver Ring

$ 380 - $ 400
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Walters Art Museum Jewelry Fair, Baltimore, MD, Walters Art Museum, 2011
ACAC Spring Art Fair, New York, NY, Lincoln Center, 2011
Buyers Market of American Craft, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Convention Center, 2011
Buyers Market of American Craft, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore Convention Center, 2010
ACAC Spring Art Fair, Roslyn Harbor, NY, Nassau Museum of Art, 2010
Avenue on Park, NY, New York City, 2010