Davide Bigazzi

"The ancient chasing and repousse techniques are the purest and most expressive forms of metalsmithing. They bridge the worlds of jewelry and sculpture."

Davide Bigazzi's handcrafted jewelry and hollowware are a blend of contemporary artistry and old world craftsmanship that echoes back to his native Florence, Italy. Capturing the intrinsic beauty and sculptural qualities of precious metals has been his lifelong passion.

Bigazzi is renowned for his mastery of chasing and repousse, the ancient art of shaping and embellishing metal with raised bas-relief designs. Repousse is the process of forming the contours of a design from the back of a metal sheet using blunt hammer-struck punches, while chasing refers to the detailing of a design from the front using smaller, specially shaped punches. From a young age, Bigazzi apprenticed under one of the last remaining Italian masters of this highly expressive art form.

Bigazzi's earliest memories include observing neighborhood artisans in their "botteghe" (workshops) near the river Arno. His intrigue with metal was recognized early by the renowned Florentine sculptor and jeweler, Bino Bini, and at the age of fourteen Davide became his apprentice. For five years he painstakingly perfected his craftsmanship while aiding in commissions for the Vatican, national banks, churches, etc. At the age of nineteen, Davide began to pursue his own career

Cielo Cuff Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Stone Bracelet

by Davide Bigazzi
$ 1,650
Lava Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

by Davide Bigazzi
$ 1,500
Grigio Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

by Davide Bigazzi
$ 880
Diamond Lancia Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

by Davide Bigazzi
$ 490