Mieko Mintz

"Traditionally, kantha were supposed to help keep their wearers safe from harm and aid in obtaining happiness and prosperity, all of which Mieko wishes for you."

Born in southern Japan, Mieko Mintz uses handcrafted textiles from around the world to make contemporary pieces. Her signature line includes jackets made from vintage sari kantha, each with its own variety of colors and its own story.

Mintz's work follows in the kantha tradition. First, her designs are made into kantha throws in West Bengal, which she then cuts to fit her jacket designs. Her focus is a kantha line that is not only comfortable, but also contemporary and sophisticated.

Cuttings left over from making the jackets are recycled one more time to create hats, bags, and jewelry.

Pocket Coat #4
Cotton and Silk Coat, O/S (2-16)

$ 900
Full Circular City Dress #1
Cotton and Silk Dress

$ 975
Pocket Coat #3
Wool, Cotton, and Silk Coat, O/S (2-16)

$ 1,000
Line Coat
Cotton Jacket

$ 978
Pocket Jacket
Cotton & Silk Jacket

$ 848
Serpent Ombre A-Line Jacket
Silk and Cotton Jacket

$ 798
A-Line Silk Jacket
Silk Kantha Jacket

$ 898
Silk Ralli Wrap Vest
Silk & Cotton Vest

$ 798
Prisma Vest
Knit Sweater

$ 568
Kantha Necklace
Silk Necklace

$ 143
Kantha Vest
Woven Vest

$ 550